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Domain 1 - The Sociological Perspective & Methods of Inquiry What is Sociology?
  1. Define sociology
  2. How is sociology different than other sciences?
  3. What is the sociological perspective?
  4. What can sociology do?
  5. How was a concern about social problems the beginning of Sociology?
Domain 2 - Social Structure: Culture, Institutions, & Society Social Institutions Review Questions
  1. Institutions fulfill functions necessary for the society to survive. In today’s technologically oriented society, what would happen if there were no educational institutions? What would be the results for people seeking jobs, for the economy, and for families?
  2. The U.S. government was ...
Islam Qs & Answers

For each of the 5 Part series reflect on the Questions raised and what you heard as the answer?  Please number each reflection 1-5.

Domain 3 - Social Relationships: Self, Groups, & Socialization Genie
  1. Who was "Genie" and what was her story?
  2. Why is solitary confinement a "severe" punishment?
  3. "Victor" was an example of what a human is like without culture or socialization.  He was named the "forbidden experiment".  What does his story teach us about what makes us human?
  4. What is the nature vs ...
Domain 4 - Social Stratification & Inequality Final Thought

1. Who benefits from social stratification in society? Who suffers?

2. Think about your parents and grandparents. Do you think that social mobility has happened in your own family? What type(s) of social mobility have happened? Include in your discussion the events or reasons for your ...