Assignment:  Use the site above to prepare a presentation and lead the class in a debate.  Step by step directions are below.

Step 1:  Identify the debate Question

Step 2:  Read the Background of the Topic and put the information into a presentation format (Google Slides, PPT, Prezi, etc.)

Step 3:  Add additional facts/information to your presentation from the "Recommended to You" section on the ProCon site

Step 4:  Click on the "Dig Deeper" section on the ProCon site to learn more and add any interesting/relevant data to your presentation

Step 5:  Add the DEBATE points to your presentation.  It is suggested that you use the points provided on the ProCon site in numerical order. For example Pro 1 vs Con 1, Pro 2 vs Con 2, etc.

Step 6:  Be sure to read the "Did you Know" section at the bottom of the ProCon site. Add any relevant information to your presentation.

Step 7:  This is current events class so you must include ANY and ALL current information/legislation/public opinion etc. on the topic!

Step 8:  PRESENT - you will lead us through the background, facts, data of your topic.  You will then facilitate a discussion/debate of your topic as you present Pros/Cons. 

IMPORTANT-Be sure you explain the Pro and Con before you expect your class to intelligently discuss.

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