Exam Review

Current Events 2017 Exam

All of the below listed headlines were discussed in detail during class, you read articles in the USA Today over them, you watched the news about them for your news logs. 

  • For each headline recall as much detail about the event as possible (when, what, where, who, how). 
  • For each headline reflect on your opinion of the event (analyze how it was handled, if you supported, Trump response, popular opinion, your expectations of what will happen in the future, etc.).

Each headline is worth 15 points.  Complete sentences should be used. 

  1. Hurricanes:  Harvey, Irma, Maria
  2. Immigration: Travel bans, border wall, DACA
  3. National Anthem, NFL protests
  4. Gun violence: Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs church
  5. Tax Reform
  6. North Korea
  7. Sexual Misconduct
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