We the People Speeches

We the People Speeches


  • Each unit of WTP has 3 speeches. You received a handout with all 6 units last week. 
  • We will work in small groups to write speeches for Units 1 & 2 this week. 
  • The class should divided itself into 3 groups. (2 groups of 4, 1 group of 5)
  • The groups will then choose either question 1, 2, or 3 for both units and start a google doc to complete the speech within.
  • The format for naming the google docs: WTP.U1.Q1 (obviously change the unit/question number for your group)
  • You will present these in class next week.  I assume you will have most work completed during class and be ready to start our next unit, Interactions among the branches Friday.

Speech Requirements:

  • Each speech should be 4 minutes long when presented.
  • Within the 4 minutes you must answer the main question and both bullets.
  • All group members must contribute during each 4 minute speech.
  • The speech should be typed, not an outline of talking points.
  • Include as many of the following as possible and as appropriate: constitutional evidence, historical basis, current relevance.
  • Use formal language, start strong-get the audience's attention.

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