Weather Instruments

During this investigation, you will explore different information to gain knowledge on the different meteorological tools that are used in predicting weather.  You will also be learning what each of these tools measure.  As you take a look at the different information on each of the will be required to fill out the questions on the worksheet that is provided to you.

After you have completed the task of filling out the worksheet and becoming familiar with the different meteorological instruments, you will choose one of the following jobs from our classroom business..."Gericke's Weather Wizards"!!  You can either chose to be a GRAPHIC DESIGNER (your responsibility deals with creating a brochure or poster), SALES REPRESENTATIVE (your responsibility will be to produce a presentation to sell our weather equipment), or a COMMUNITY OUTREACH COORDINATOR (you will assist in designing educational resources for schools).

GRAPHIC DESIGNER--Design a brochure or a poster that displays 4 of the meteorological instruments, how they work, and why our product is superior.  In addition, all instruments should include pricing.

SALES REPRESENTATIVE--Create a Google Docs presentation that you will use to promote/sell your 4 instruments.  You should include pictures of your instruments as well as the features that make our product the best.  Be sure to include accurate pricing.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH COORDINATOR--Design a 10 page children's book that can be used to teach the children about the uses of 4 of the instruments you learned about.  

Click the links below to learn more about each of the can do a google search if other information is




Aneroid Barometer

Rain Gauge



Rubric for Project

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