Agenda for the week of October 8-12

Monday 10-8

1.  Beginning our unit on Weather and Water

2.  Viewing the video--"Wonders of Weather"

      Wonders of Weather Packet

Tuesday 10-9

1.  Weather discussion--Weather terms--Due Thursday

2.  Setting up project on Weather Instruments--Due Tuesday 10/16

      Weather Questions

Wednesday 10-10

1.  Work time for Weather Instrument Project

     Weather Data Sheet

     Weather Info. WEBSITE

Thursday 10-11 (2hr Delay)

1.  Gather Weather Data (use link below)

     Weather Info. WEBSITE

2.  Beginning investigation on the AIR AROUND US

    Air Around Us

Friday 10-12

1.  Gather Weather Data

2.  Go over answers to instrument questions

3.  Work time on Weather Instrument Project

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