Pre-dissection work


Here are the parts of the eye you need to be familiar with before you begin dissecting the cow eye:

CORNEA                              VITREOUS HUMOR                    PUPIL

IRIS                                       RETINA                                       OPTIC NERVE

AQUEOUS HUMOR             SCLERA                                     TAPETUM


You will need to use the WEB sites listed on our moodle page to do some research on each of the parts.  You will be creating a 12 slide google docs presentation.  When completed, this presentation will be printed 4 slides per page and graded by me.  You will also use your presentation to help you when you begin dissecting your cow eye.

Here is your plan of attack:

Slide -Title Page-

Include your name and a unique title


Slide 2-Slide 11-designate one slide for each of the parts-

Each slide should include:

  1. 1.   The name of the part
  2. 2.   A picture/diagram of the part (this can be hand-drawn)
  3. 3.   The function of the particular part—this must be in your own words!!

Slide 12-Fun facts

Provide at least 5 fun facts you found about the eye

**You do not need to add any color or background to your slides as you will be printing a copy off for me.  You will need to be sure to copy 4 slides per page.  I do not want anyone printing their work without my permission.

Other ideas if you feel like getting creative:

--3-D model of the eye 

--Poster of all information with a model/drawing of the eye

--Tutorial video of eye parts and functions along with visual aids


--Other ideas???....ask me!!


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